Nylon Jane.

As far as I'm concerned, I prefer silent vice to ostentatious virtue.

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    These people never cease to amaze me
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    ARE YOU KIDDING?! HE’S HOT! if they do cast him, i’ll be so heartbroken since his story is so sad.
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    is this real because DAMN unf
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    If he gets it that’s awesome. I just always imagined Finnick as a white guy with like dirty blonde hair. I feel like I...
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    This is almost exactly as I pictured him! A bit lighter but aaaaah yes please!
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    I really really really really hope he does get cast as Finnick. It would be perfection.
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    Yes. Also, I hate how invested I am in his casting considering he probably doesn’t stand a chance. This is Hollywood...
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    Oh, damn! If they cast Jesse Williams as Finnick, I am SOLD, baby! He was fabulous in Cabin in the Woods. I don’t watch...
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    GOOD LORD Y’ALL! Who is this gorgeous man and why is he not in my bed?! YES TO THIS!
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    He was! And he’s on Grey’s Anatomy and the reason I want to catch up on it. Look at his face. He’s totally hot. I...
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    This fine specimen is called Jesse Williams and he plays Dr. Jackson Avery on Grey’s Anatomy. I thought Finnick was...
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    Hey, this guy was in The Cabin in the Woods, right? I totally did not twig those baby blues in that film. He’d be great...
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    WTF is this guy’s name? Hot as all goddamn whoever he is, so yes to this. (In my mind Finnick was Michael Obiara but...
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    I only don’t like him as Finnick because he isn’t how I imagined him, facially, at all. HOWEVER, he IS beautiful and...
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    Not racist, I just pictured him to be ginger/white. Just like I pictured Rue to be Hispanic and Thresh to be exactly as...
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    THIS IS FINNICK?! god this makes my url and blog really hot now
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    Um, yes. Yes I will most definitely try and help get him cast. SHITTT SON.
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    Was that thing about RPats being cast just a troll?
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